Dedicated Servers
Use Our Premium Servers for Maximum Performance!

Basic Dedicated Server: $100 setup/$100 per month

Celeron Processor
256 Meg RAM
40 GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
Single 10/100 NIC
25GB transfer/month

Standard Dedicated Server: $100 setup/$150 per month

Pentium 4 Processor with HyperThreading
512 Meg RAM (or 512 MEG ECC depending on availability)
40 GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Dual 10/100 NIC
50GB transfer/month

Professional Dedicated Server: $100 setup/$250 per month

XEON Processor with HyperThreading
36 GB 10,000RPM Hard Drive
Intel 10/100 NIC (or 10/100/1000 depending on availability)
Intel 10/100/1000 NIC
100GB transfer/month

Hardware Upgrades for Dedicated Server Packages: (one time fee)

additional Xeon Processor in Pro Package $ varies depending on market vlaue
additional 512 RAM: $ varies depending on market value
additional 80GB hard drive $ varies depending on market value
mirror hard drive array for either drive $ varies depending on market value
40GB Sony DAT backup device $1000


Your Own Server: $75 setup/$75 per month
Use Your Own Hardware for Maximum Value!

Co-Location Package Includes
1U Rack Space and single IP via single CAT6 to our feed
25GB transfer/month

Co-Location Upgrades
$25/month 1U extra space and 25 additional GB of transfer
$50/month secondary CAT6 connection and IP

Bandwidth Upgrades for all Co-Location Packages

100GB per month $100
500GB per month $250

Overuseage of Bandwidth penalty for all hosting packages, $2 per GB


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