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Complete Web Hosting Solutions For Only $25 per Month

Domain Accounts

$25 setup/$25 per month

Pay by the year and get 2 free months! That's right, you get 12 months for the price of 10 and save yourself the hassle of paying each month by simply making annual payments on any hosting package!!!

All domain accounts include:
250 MegaBytes disk storage space
5 POP Email accounts (SMTP service is not provided)
Unlimited Email aliasing
24/7 FTP Access
Frontpage server extensions upon request


$5/month - Additional 50MB storage
$5/month - Additional 5 POP accounts
$5/month - Per mailing list up to 1000 subscribers each

$5/month - Extensive graphical traffic analysis
$5/month - 25MB MySQL Database

$10/month - 50MB SQL Server Database
$10/month - SSL-protected directory

Need something not listed here? Just let us know. Perhaps we can make it happen for you.



Your webspace is hosted solely on high-performance, multi-processor Intel-based servers. Software suite includes:

Microsoft Windows 2000/IIS 5
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
ActiveState PERL 5
Persits ASPMail (Replaces CDONTS mail utility)

All network equipment is strictly top-of-the-line for maximum performance.

All hardware and network equipment is powered by APC SMART-UPS units and gasoline generators to provide uninterrupted service at all times.

We sell only Internet hosting, so your bandwidth is never shared by people surfing the net.

All webspace is backed up daily along with weekly off-site backups for complete data protection.



There is no better solution for web developers.

We cater to hosting resellers with special pricing and packages designed to allow you to give your customers a competitive price without sacrificing your profit margin.

Our web servers are designed specifically to let you to get the job done fast. We provide all the tools you need to build high-end web applications without all the headache. You will have instant access to PERL, ASP and PHP from anywhere in your webspace. Full CGI support under IIS 5.0. Sendmail emulation for easy porting of UNIX scripts. Frontpage Server Extensions available upon request.

If you are interested in hosting multiple domains with us, please send email to resellers@serverking.net. You simply won't find a better deal on a hassle-free development environment anywhere.


DNS Information

Use the following DNS information to register any new domain names or transfer existing ones:


You may also use us for a technical contact if you wish. Just use NIC handle JL20808. 


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